Chapter One

Hello everyone! We’re Nina and Katie, and we’re two students living in Dublin, Ireland. As you may have gathered from the title and the distinct lack of content currently available – this here is our first post. So, we want to welcome the world and its mother, to our hectic little world of procrastination done right. Despite whatever assignment deadlines may be looming, or how the pressure to grow up and be an adult may be creeping up on us, we find our joy in the little things and we want to share some of those with you – which is why we decided to start this blog.

Write, Bite and Travel Light came to us when thinking up blog titles because of three things we both really love most. We’re both writers, grafting away at a joint novel titled Dance Macabre as well as individual projects. We’re both foodies, having spent all of the last college year dedicated to trying one new lunch place around Dublin’s city centre per week (and enjoying every minute/morsel of it). And we’re both just a little bit adventure-hungry – between J1 and Erasmus programmes, we’re currently getting around (the world).

Think of this as a lifestyle blog, or think of it as a journal. Expect blasts of creative writing, expect diary entries, expect reviews of all and sundry as we attempt to put the best days of our lives into words and pictures. We hope you enjoy the journey!

Meet the ladies themselves


Hi everyone! My name is Katie, and I’m studying business in Trinity College. Currently going into Third Year, where I’ll be spending half the year at home in Dublin, and the second half in Rotterdam, Netherlands (cos why not?). I’d describe myself as a positive person who tries to see the good in everyone. This here is my face:


To quote Parks and Recreation (seriously great show), I live by the motto “Treat Yo Self” – which roughly translates as I like shopping and dining out a bit too much. On that note, you can more than likely expect blog posts from me to be largely reviews of the unreal little cafés I’ve discovered, and pictures of my pretty little purchases along the way. But going along with the blog title, I also write and travel light, which you’ll be sure to find posts about too! Oh, and I have a beautiful little puppy. He’s half shih-tzu, half maltese and answers to Max. Look at him, he’s a little marshmallow with legs:


I’m fairly ordinary, but life is a story. Just like you want your main characters in a novel to develop and unfold, I’m all about self improvement. I like meeting new people and trying new things. I like doing things that make me happy, and I want to write about them. So here we go!


Hey everyone! My name is Nina, and I’m studying law in Trinity College, and also heading into Third Year for the weird and wonderful journey I never want to end. I’m spending the first semester in Atlanta, Georgia, being immersed in southern culture and trying to make a southern belle out of myself (while epicly failing).


Here is me on one of my better days:


“We’re here for a good time, not a long time”. I tend to live my life by that motto (yes, an equivalent of YOLO), so that means I do things that make me happy over what is sensible (which when it comes to some decisions is a recipe for disaster). My life is organised chaos where I try to indulge myself all the time (because we should do everything in moderation, including moderation as Oscar Wilde eloquently put it). And I have not doing moderation down to an art. These indulgences comprise food, wine, shopping and, when I can get away from work and the law, travelling! I’m definitely a “try most things once” kind of person and love meeting new people. So come and say hi (you won’t regret it much)!


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